A conservative, egalitarian synagogue

Mission and Values


We are a traditional, Conservative, fully egalitarian congregation, located in White Plains, New York (just a little north of New York City).  

We have a large and vibrant membership base of over eight hundred members (both individuals and families). 

Our community is engaged in life-long learning and we are dedicated to providing meaningful learning opportunities for congregants of all ages, abilities, and levels of observance.  

We are deeply committed to fostering Jewish observance and learning in an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance.  

Among these principles are:  

  • the treatment of all people with dignity and respect; 
  • adherence to and respect for Jewish tradition and law; 
  • egalitarianism; 
  • the evolution of practice and belief in our modern world; 
  • support of the State of Israel; 
  • social action projects; 
  • interaction with our local synagogue communities. 

Our clergy, professional staff and lay leadership (Board of Trustees and Honorary Trustees) are dedicated to serving the entire synagogue community.