A conservative, egalitarian synagogue

Brotherhood Activities and Accomplishments

Our fund-raising efforts each year include our Passover Wine Sale during the Purim holiday. Our ongoing fundraising project is Operation Sefer Haftarah.

Recently we have: 


• helped fund a students' trip to Israel with Rabbi Tucker and Nancy Parkes
• donated a defibrillator to the Synagogue and provided training in how to use it
• awarded scholarships to worthy children or grandchildren of synagogue members for the March for the Living or studies in Israel

On an on-going basis, we: 


• provide ushers for the Days of Awe and for synagogue-wide events
• sponsor a tallit-cleaning drive just before Rosh Hashanah
• participate in a Brotherhood Shabbat during Passover
• support, under the aegis of the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs, "The World Wide Wrap," designed to teach how to put on tefillin or to check the "kashruth" of their tefillin (we have a Sofer available who will do examinations and make repairs)
• run a Passover Wine Sale which includes many Israeli wines
• run a Hanukkah Party for the residents of a local nursing home
• send Yom HaShoah candles to the membership and to their children in college
• honor a "Man of the Year" and "Youth of the Year" from the synagogue membership at a celebration held under the aegis of the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs.