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K-12 Youth Groups

Youth programming at Temple Israel Center gives children and teens from all the diverse communities within the larger synagogue the opportunity to make friends, build community and celebrate Jewish living. Youth programming begins in Kindergarten and culminates with graduation from High School. Our goal is to provide our youth with positive experiences in order to help them become life-long learners of Jewish living!

Membership in our youth groups earns significant discounts and benefits throughout the calendar year! Sign up today!

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  • Grades K - 2  
  • Grades 3 - 5 
  • Grades 6 - 7 
  • Grades 8 - 12 

Basketball League

Over 90 boys and girls in grades 5-12 play and represent Temple Israel Center in the Westchester Jewish Basketball League. Our basketball teams are a fun way for players to improve their skills, as well as strengthen their connections to Temple Israel Center and the Westchester Jewish community. 

Shevet Achim: Brotherhood

Temple Israel Center has joined with Moving Traditions (recently just named as one of the top 50 innovative Jewish programs) to begin a brotherhood group for ALL 8th grade boys at Temple Israel Center (affiliation with the Religious School is NOT required). This group is a place for 8th grade boys to talk about the tough issues facing them today.