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Eat/Pray/Learn_The Woman Who Fought an Empire

Tue, 12/05/2017 - 10:57am -- Robin Arzt

Eat/Pray/Learn First Friday Event:

The dinner and book discussion is November 2.

Services at 5:30 pm; dinner at 6:30 pm; book talk at 7:15 pm


The Woman Who Fought an Empire tells the improbable but true odyssey of a bold young woman—
the daughter of Romanian-born Jewish settlers
in Palestine—who became the daring leader of a Middle East spy ring.  

You have 2 ways you can join us for this event:
Option 1: Attend both the dinner and the Book Talk: $15/adult; $10/child
Option 2: Attend the book talk only: $5/adult for dessert & coffee.

Book purchase: $25

please separate first names with commas i.e., Judy, Bob, Sarah
$15 per adult
$5 per person
$10 per child
Please separate names with commas, e.g.: Judy Kinder, Bob Kinder, Leah Kleiner
$25.00 per book