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Nursery School Pre-K Program


TIC Nursery School helps children develop critical learning skills and nurtures their social and emotional growth.  As our students become more analytical in their thinking, we encourage kindergarten readiness through play, exploration, engaging discussions, and creative projects.

  • Our curriculum aligns with the New York State Pre-K Foundation to the Common Core
  • Students engage in activities that encourage personal choice and discovery in math, science, literacy, and handwriting
  • Small group work in STEAM centers throughout our classrooms spark curiosity, imagination, and meaningful learning experiences
  • Our child-initiated learning creates motivated and invested students, while developing critical thinking skills, resiliency, and focus



Math is everywhere!  We use it to tally votes from an election, by adding or subtracting the number of students to figure out the daily attendance, through measuring height or distances with blocks, and by balancing a scale to see which items weigh more or less.



Observing and exploring both in and out of the classroom allows children to hypothesize, collect data, test, and discuss results.  Our 4s mix colors while painting, test groups of items to learn if they sink or float, observe the signs of each season, and experiment with everyday items, such as yeast, balloons, and magnets.   



Whether it is reenacting Jewish holidays through plays and puppets, exploring rhythms with different instruments, or studying various artists, we encourage children to express themselves, embrace their individuality, and further their imaginations through their own creations.



When we talk about “reading readiness,” we are referring to the method of taking a multi-sensory approach to language with exposure to printed materials and parts of a book, story-telling and phonemic awareness (rhyming, etc).  On any given day, you will find our children retelling a story in their own words, answering critical thinking questions, and signing in and out of their classroom while recognizing their friends’ names.



By developing and strengthening fine motor skills, students prepare for writing.   Children write letters in sand, shaving cream, and with other objects found in the classroom.  They work on opening their own lunch boxes and zipping their own coats.  Our students are empowered to use scissors, hole punchers, stringing beads, and a variety of writing utensils to get those small muscles ready to write big ideas.



Social and emotional development is a vital early childhood skill that is of top priority.  Through whole class and small group activities, students learn how to cooperate, take turns, participate in class discussions, and treat others with kindness, respect, and dignity.  Outdoor play, gym time and yoga not only sharpens their gross motor skills, but promotes balance, concentration and mindfulness. 

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