A conservative, egalitarian synagogue

Lifelong Learning at Temple Israel Center

When Hillel was asked to sum up Jewish teaching while standing on one foot, he said, "What is hurtful to you, do not do to your neighbor." But then he added this: "The rest is commentary. Go and learn." 

Our Temple Israel Center Vision for Education: 

"Temple Israel Center will become a genuine home for Jewish learning....We will become a model of what a learning, willing, and striving Jewish community can be, and our own members will look increasingly to us as the place to explore and fulfill their Jewish intellectual, moral, and spiritual needs." From the Vision Statement of the Second Century Torah Subcommittee


Learning for what purpose? 

  • For personal growth 
  • For continuity 
  • So that we can walk in the world as Jews, act with hesed (kindness), and deepen our joy in Jewish living.

At Temple Israel Center, rich learning programs for all ages are thoughtfully designed to meet the varying needs of the members of our community:

Temple Israel Center Nursery School 
Lovingly introduces children to Judaism and reaches out to young families.  Friendships often begin here that last through these children's marriages. 

Shorashim and Havurat Torah Middle & High School
Teaching each child in the ways in which he or she can learn best.  

Our Oestreich Adult Education Program and The Learning Institute
Offering programs for all with a desire to learn, at any level, with formal and informal study options on virtually every day of the year.   

The Evelyn & Monte Daniels Memorial Library
We have an extensive collection of books,  periodicals,  audio and videotapes and CD's for all ages. Our Library page also has links to outstanding Jewish resources on the web.