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Shorashim Curriculum

At Temple Israel Center our goal is to foster a love for Judaism in an inclusive environment that encourages questioning and critical thinking. Our knowledgeable and dedicated educators provide an excellent educational program in which our children not only learn, but experience a joy for Judaism through active learning.

We want ALL of our learners to feel successful and appreciated as they engage in Jewish study. We encourage our learners to treat every individual kindly and with respect as they behave and live according to the Jewish values we teach, and as they develop meaningful friendships in their learning space and in our community.

Our educational philosophy engages not only the intellect, but the heart and hands as we instill a love of Judaism through active learning. Our priority goals of living Jewishly and building community through relationships is the focus of all that we do. And we welcome all of you to be a part of it!


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Kitah Aleph/Grade 1

Kitah Bet/Grade 2

Kitah Gimel/Grade 3

Kitah Dalet/Grade 4

Kitah Hey/Grade 5

Kitah Vav/Grade 6

Our youngest learners

in kindergarten and first grade, come to Shorashim  on Sundays mornings. Our Sunday school program introduces the children to basic Bible stories, and their inherent values. They are exposed to Hebrew language and prayer, in a nurturing and supportive environment. Hands-on and experiential learning are an essential part of the educational setting in Shorashim.

Our Hebrew language curriculum

is a spiraling Siddur (prayer book) based curriculum. Beginning in the second grade, our students learn to read Hebrew, and begin a comfortable,  and hopefully life-long relationship with the siddur. Formal learning of the alef-bet (the alphabet) begins in third grade. From fourth grade through sixth grade, learners acquire Hebrew language skills through the study of different prayers. Our goals are to build excellent Hebrew decoding skills, and to teach vocabulary, so that the children understand what they are praying. Our spiraling Hebrew curriculum offers excellent preparation as each child becomes Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  Here is information about our optional Hug Ivrit (optional Monday Hebrew enrichment).

Torah study

becomes more focused for our learners in third, fourth and fifth grades. Through in-depth, grade appropriate Beit Midrash style learning, children explore the weekly parasha (Torah story) and through exploration and discovery, understand its relevance in their own lives today. Learners engage with real text and learn to navigate the ‘in’s and out’s’ of the humash (Torah book).

Our Torah curriculum is extensive and age appropriate. In kindergarten and first grade, our youngest learners are introduced to the major Bible stories, and the mitzvot and values inherent in those stories. Through hands-on experiential learning, these children experience the wonder and joy of learning Torah.

In second grade, our learners explore Torah through Parashat ha-Shavua (weekly Torah portion). The idea of learning a new Torah story each week teaches our young learners there is an order to our stories and that there are Jewish values that we live by. The study of Parashat ha-Shavua introduces them to every piece of the Torah from beginning to end.

Parallel to the above curricular goals, we strive to offer our learners authentic Jewish experiences through such as exploring the joys of Shabbat, the uniqueness of the Jewish holidays and Rosh Hodesh.

Israel is integral to our lives as modern Jews. In every learning space our children learn about Israel all year long. As we aim to foster pride in our Land, and strive to teach some of the real issues of modern Israeli society, we recognize the unique challenges and responsibilities that face the Jewish State.


We are dedicated to helping our children understand their responsibilities to the community. Toward this end, Shorashim promotes an understanding of mitzvoth/ commandments and deeds of loving-kindness, as being a Jewish obligation. We ask that our learners participate in a routine of giving to and engaging in on-going projects.

To live what is learned in Shorashim, you, our families, are invited to participate in the many community events TIC offers.

We are proud to have inclusive learning spaces at Temple Israel Center. These learning spaces allow ALL our learners to reach their goals.

We look forward to sharing wonderful experiences with you and your family in Shorashim.