A conservative, egalitarian synagogue


In the event that a member of your family has passed away, please accept our condolences. 

We ask that you call the synagogue to inform the community of the death. 

After regular business hours, please contact our Interim Senior Rabbi Matt Futterman at 917-992-0536.

Funeral Chapels

Temple Israel Center maintains an association with several funeral chapels in the New York area, which you can contact to arrange for transportation of the deceased, if required, and for funeral services. Please contact Executive Director, Marty Greenberg, at 948-2800 x119 to obtain a list of such funeral chapels. It is preferable, if possible, to speak with one of our rabbis first before contacting the chapel. In any event, a time for the funeral should not be set until the officiating rabbi has been consulted.

Should a death occur over Shabbat or a major Jewish holiday (i.e. not Hanukkah or Purim), it may not be possible to reach the rabbis by telephone until Shabbat or the holiday ends. You can always speak to the rabbis during services at the synagogue. But in any case, tradition requires that arrangements (including picking up the body) should properly be made only after the Shabbat or holiday is over.

Shiva and Shiva Minyanim

Shivah and shivah minyanim arrangments should be made with Rabbi Gordon Tucker at 948-2800 x115. 

The synagogue has shivah chairs and prayerbooks available for the home of the mourners, if shivah is to be observed within the synagogue's geographic community.


Temple Israel Center maintains sections in two local cemeteries, Sharon Gardens Cemetery in Valhalla, NY, and Glenville Cemetery in Greenwich, CT, for the purchase of burial plots by synagogue members. Only members in good standing may purchase burial plots in the Temple Israel Center sections of these cemeteries. Only persons of the Jewish faith may be interred in a Temple Israel Center cemetery plot. Please contact Executive Director, Marty Greenberg, at 948-2800 x119 for more information.

Temple Israel Center reserves the right to make or revise the rules and regulations concerning all burials, maintenance and monuments in the synagogue sections of Sharon Gardens and Glenville Cemeteries.

Additional resources: 

A Guide to Jewish Religious Practice by Isaac Klein (1979) 

The Bond of Life
by Jules Harlow