Shorashim, Gesher, & Teen Learning Collab
Experiential Jewish Education Pre-K (3-4 year olds)-12th Grade

Creating a community of Jewishly engaged lifelong learners is the goal of our synagogue-based education for children Pre-K (3-4 year olds) through High School.

We offer an experiential model of education, which allows each learner to explore and discover meaning, personal relevance, and truths in our Jewish tradition and thought. Our curriculum focuses on Hebrew language, Torah study, prayer literacy, holiday celebrations, Jewish values, learning about Israel’s history and culture, and more.

Our clergy and team of educators are trained to work with learners with a spectrum of learning differences. We provide flexible learning spaces, use assistive technology, offer calm/quiet zones with sensory tools, and accommodate food allergies.

Open to all, our Shorashim program for learners Pre-K (3-4 year olds) through 6th grade, Gesher for 7th grade, and Teen Learning Collab for teens in 8th-12th grade (with 6 Conservative synagogues in Lower Westchester) offer an inspiring array of Jewish studies.


Pre-K (3-4 yr olds)–Grade 1, Sunday mornings 9:00-11:30 am

Grades 2–6, Sunday mornings 9:00-11:30 am and Wednesday or Thursday afternoon 4:00-5:30 pm

Individual or small group Hebrew sessions on a personalized schedule

Shorashim or “roots” is the name of our religious school, and we believe that Jewish education is a lifelong journey rooted in Torah and Jewish values that are meaningful, dynamic, and inspiring. Shorashim is a word that encapsulates the dreams we have for our learners: roots anchor and strengthen, adapt and spread, are vital to survival, have depth, prevent erosion, and provide foundation and stability.

Our brand new Pre-K (3-4 year old) class, provides our youngest learners with the opportunity to discover, celebrate, develop, and explore what it means to live Jewishly.  Learners are introduced to ritual objects, tefillah, holidays, and symbols of Israel through a variety of hands-on play-based activities including arts & crafts, stories, songs, and more! 

Through curated experiences, our learners develop a strong Jewish identity through meaningful learning that connects them to their own personal Jewish roots and to Jewish history. Just as knowing our roots tell us where we come from and what we are made of, they also tell us that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Join our inclusive program for children in kindergarten through grade 6 that fosters a love of Judaism through positive relationships, joyful learning, questioning, and critical thinking.

Being a community of learners extends to our families as well, and you are invited to participate in the many community events that Temple Israel Center has to offer.

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Gesher (7th grade)

Gesher, our weekly 7th grade experience is designed for ALL TIC 7th graders. 

This year in Gesher, our theme will be “Choose your own Adventure!” Practically speaking, this means that our learning will consist of two 30-minute electives each week rather than one hour-long class.

The year-long topics for our electives will be Modern Hebrew and Social Action. For each elective, there will be a cumulative project at the end of the year that the learners work toward throughout the course. Learners are invited to participate in one or both electives.

Wednesday Evenings
5:45-6:15 pm: Modern Hebrew with a focus on conversational Hebrew and Hebrew decoding
6:15-6:30 pm: Dinner
6:30-7:00 pm: Social Action learning about Tikkun Olam and planning a group project 

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Teen Learning Collab (8th-12th Grade)

Our 8th-12th graders have an opportunity to take part in a new Teen Learning Collab — weekly learning with six Conservative synagogues in lower Westchester! This new, exciting program brings Westchester Jewish teens together for learning and socializing across communities, offering diverse and engaging educational experiences. See details here.

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