Omer 2021 | 5781

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CHESED: Kindness, Giving, Compassion

Monday, March 29
Rabbi Yolkut Adir
“Omer Meditation”
To kick our Omer program off, Rabbi Adir will be offering a pre-recorded 7 minute meditation that you can listen to at your leisure after the first days of Pesach come to a close. Find a quiet and dark place where you can begin to think about areas of your life that need a little more radical compassion, one of the attributes of the week of Chesed.
View Rabbi Yolkut’s 3/30/21 video here

Thursday, April 1
Cantor, Rabbi Shoshi Levin Goldberg
“Virtual Song Circle”

GEVURA: Strength, Limits, Restraint, Healthy, Boundary

Sunday, April 4-Friday April 9
Mara Braunfeld
“Strong Is The New Pretty” (P)
Celebrate a week of Gevurah with daily videos to inspire reflection and conversation. Featuring some of Mara Braunfeld’s favorite selections from “Strong is the New Pretty,” we’ll see strength as shown through photographs and quotes of girls being their authentic, fearless, and proud selves.
View Mara Braunfeld’s 4/5/21 video here.
View Mara Braunfeld’s 4/6/21 video here.
View Mara Braunfeld’s 4/7/21 video here.
View Mara Braunfeld’s 4/8/21 video here.
View Mara Braunfeld’s 4/9/21 video here.

Tuesday, April 6
Michelle Steinhart
“Strength to be Vulnerable”
It takes strength to make ourselves vulnerable and to be our authentic selves, and the result of doing so builds relationships and frees us to connect with people on a much deeper level and learn from one another. Join our Director of Inclusion, Michelle Steinhart, as she talks briefly about this Gevurah (strength) and gives you a chance to ask her any questions both personal and professional to begin sharing your stories and connecting with one another.

Thursday, April 8
Jennifer Schmelkin, LCSW
“Connecting and Gaining Strength with Other Parents During the Pandemic”
Many parents are describing feelings of being depleted, overwhelmed and isolated as they juggle work, remote learning, and the demands of raising children. Our children may also be feeling the stress and challenges during these uncertain times, and some are feeling anxious about the return to in-person school.  Join us for an opportunity to connect with other parents for support and self-care, as well as a discussion about how parents can help children deal with their feelings, through a developmental lens and a framework of resilience. Jennifer Schmelkin is a clinical social worker at Westchester Jewish Community Services.  She facilitates child guidance and parenting support groups, and has a background in early childhood and school-based social work.  

TIFERET: Beauty, Harmony, Balance

Tuesday, April 13
Rabbi Annie Tucker
“The Masks We Wear”
Masks not only serve as a means of physical protection but often emotional protection as well as we consciously (and sometimes unconsciously) choose which pieces of ourselves to reveal to the outside world and which to keep more private. At this gathering we’ll reflect on what we hide and what we don’t, when we feel “seen” and when we feel “concealed,” as we continue to contend with the joys and challenges of both pandemic and everyday life.

Thursday, April 15
Cantor, Rabbi Shoshi Levin Goldberg
“Virtual Song Circle”

Friday, April 16
Cathy Deutchman
“Yoga of Balance”
Join Cathy for yoga where we’ll focus on balance and gain a greater sense of equilibrium and calm our nervous systems in the process. We’ll also discuss how balance relates to the Omer.

Saturday, April 17
Adam Bender
“Teen Frisbee” (In-Person)
Bring a frisbee and join Adam for a Shabbat afternoon catch and hang out.
RSVP to Adam please.

NETZACH: Endurance, Ambition, Drive

Monday, April 19
2:15-3:00 pm
Rabbi Yolkut Adir
“Torah of Crossfit” (L via Zoom)
Do you ever hear the voice inside of you that says, “just quit now because you can’t do any more?” The truth is, we all do. Today in this physical wellness virtual space, we will stretch our bodies and our minds to equip ourselves with the ability to live in this week’s space of Netzach, finding that extra drive and perseverance to push beyond that voice. No equipment or previous training needed. All abilities are welcome. All that is required is a positive attitude!

HOD: Splendor, Incubating, Humility, Refining, Gratitude

Sunday, April 25
Cantor, Rabbi Shoshi Levin Goldberg
“Hod’V’hadar Song” (P)

1:30-3:30 pm
Rabbi Annie Tucker
Gesher Tzar Me’od: A Spiritual Walk across the Mario Cuomo Bridge” (Weather Permitting)
Meet outside the Welcome Center at Westchester Landing (directions and parking information can be found here) for some brief words of reflection and then walk together across the Mario Cuomo bridge.  As the entire path takes approximately 80 minutes one-way, we’ll continue until approximately the mid-way point and then turn around.  Those who wish to do a shorter (or longer) walk are welcome to peel off from the group at any time. Feel free to contact Rabbi Tucker with any questions.

4:00-5:00 pm
Arielle Richman
Kindergarten-5th Grade
“Candy Wars” (L via Zoom – please check TIC email for unique password)
Join us for an afternoon of splendor as we make delicious candy creations and vote for the most elegantly decorated one!  Do you have what it takes to be voted the winner of Candy Wars???

Thursday, April 29
8:15-9:00 pm
Cantor, Rabbi Shoshi Levin Goldberg
“Virtual Song Circle – Special Lag B’Omer Edition” (L via Zoom)

YESOD: Foundation, Conducting, Transmission, Blueprint

Wednesday, May 5
Adam Bender
“The Art of Making Coffee” (P)

Friday, May 7
Beth Levick
“Cheesecake Two Ways: Dairy and Parve.” (P)
Today is the energy of Humility in Bonding. Today, be a channel for bringing people together. Helping others in their relationships will foster an improvement in your own.
What better way to foster a bond then through food! And cheesecake no less! With Shavuot less then two weeks away, watch as Beth Levick demonstrates how to make two kinds of cheesecake — dairy and parve (Tofutti).

MALCHUT: Nobility, The Present, Leadership

Sunday, May 9
Elizabeth Breit
“Foundations Yoga” (L via Zoom — link to come)