Walking the Talk

What Does a TIC Approach to Racial Justice Work Look Like?

An interactive seminar

Wednesday, December 8 from 7:15-9:15 pm
We welcome you to join us in examining race, racial justice, and racial justice work in Jewish communities and TIC in particular in this 2 hour interactive and compassionate seminar. By contextualizing what the work of racial justice in the United States has become, and dispelling some commonly held beliefs about what is necessary, participants will be unshackled from unhelpful practices and perspectives which often hobble even the best racial justice work. Instead, we invite you — a diverse group of TIC members — to use our own contexts, institutional history, and personal creativity to begin to dream up and co-create racial justice work that remains authentic to us, as individuals and as TIC, a community synagogue in relationship with its White Plains neighbors.

Our session will be facilitated by Tamara Fish and Sabrina Sojourner; two scholars, educators, artists, and proud practicing Jews of Color who work to create opportunities for Jews of Asian, Latinx, Mizrahi, African, Indigenous,Sephardic, and Ashkenazi heritages to come together as learners and co-creators of Jewish spaces.

To be clear: this seminar examines race and racial justice as a social issue and not a political one. There is no litmus test to joining, and we celebrate having a deep and deeply respectful intergenerational exchange among diverse people who hold a variety of viewpoints. In other words: this seminar will be conducted without shaming or blaming and with an abundance of kindness and compassion.

This session is underwritten by an organizational learning grant from UJA-Federation, to advance a Racially Inclusive New York.

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