TICares Opportunities for Giving

During this time of high anxiety and isolation, we urge individuals to be mindful of their own mental health as well as that of others.

Please help White Plains Hospital to purchase urgently needed equipment. Visit their website: www.wphospital.org/covid19help to see the current list of needs. You can give to a specific piece of equipment, or give an unrestricted gift. Any amount would be appreciated.

Feeding Westchester needs assistance replenishing their food bank that is facing unprecedented requests: www.feedingwestchester.org.

The Hebrew Free Burial Society
Since April 1, Hebrew Free Burial Association has arranged 98 burials, mostly COVID-19 victims. They were among the most impoverished and vulnerable of our community — American born and Russians, Holocaust survivors, the suddenly unemployed and impoverished. The youngest we buried was 37. The costs of these increased number of burials and of protective personal equipment for our chevra kadisha and staff has become a crushing burden. If you can contribute in any way, however small or large, please join in this final mitzvah of loving kindness. Your support is urgently needed. www.hebrewfreeburial.org/donate/

Hebrew Free Burial Association is also in need of Talleisim, regardless of condition, Kosher or non-kosher. If you have any you would like to donate, please mail them to: Hebrew Free Burial Association, c/o Mount Richmond Cemetery, 420 Clarke Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10306.

If you prefer sending checks, you can find the address of each organization on the above websites.