Racial Justice

Tsa’ad Kadima (Step Forward)

This monthly program encourages active participation that leads to action for racial justice. Each session features a specific topic led by an expert guest moderator, and will also connect to a Jewish theme for that month. In our sessions we share our advocacy work and reflections, study a Jewish text that connects with the topic, then anticipate our “step forward” for racial justice and tikkun olam.

Hemshech (Let’s Keep Talking)

This one hour group discussion is for TIC members to continue processing and reflecting on the various racial justice topics raised by our Tsa’ad Kadima programming. Facilitated by various members of our Racial Justice committee, this welcoming space is for us to share ideas, ask questions and report on our personal progress in this challenging work.

Save the Date – MLK Weekend Speaker – Aaron Dorfman

January 14, 2023 Shabbat Morning
Please join us on Shabbat morning, to hear from Aaron Dorfman, Founder and Executive Director of A More Perfect Union: The Jewish Partnership for Democracy, an effort to mobilize the American Jewish community to protect and strengthen American democracy.

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